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Related article: Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 15:42:28 -0700 (PDT) From: Tracy Smith Subject: Advice for the Lovelorn (F/F, raunch, urination, oral-anal)This is a work of fiction by Tracy Smith. It`s a story of woman-woman sex, so if that offends you, then leave.. It has oral-anal sex, lots of raunch and urination, so if that offends you, then leave. If you're underage then you shouldn't be here at all.Go donate some money to this free board right now! You can write to me at if you like. I write for both men AND women.====================================Dear Aunt Crabby,I'm not in the habit of writing to newspaper advice columnists, but I've run across a problem that just perplexes me, and I was hoping that you could help. First, a little background.I'm a sophomore in college at the State University. Let's give my name as "Jan." I'm 5'2" tall, female of course. I've got short blonde hair, even white teeth, a killer smile and nice tan. My breasts are 38C's, and the boys just love to look at them, I catch them looking at my tits all the time. A lot of girls like looking at them too, and they've got a hell of a lot better shot of getting their hands on my firm, uplifted boobs than the guys do. My ass is nice and round, almost as nice as J-Lo's, and god, would I LOVE to get my mouth on her butt. But don't get me started. My lips are full, my nose is perky, and most people think I'm a cheerleader, which I am. I'm a poli sci major, and hope to work in government after I graduate in a couple of years.My roommate is a senior, and a pre-med student, majoring in biology. She's 5'7", a redhead, long, curly, adorable hair I love to feel running across my erect nipples. Her name is Katrin, Katy for short. She's got smaller boobs than mine, 34 B's, but her nipples and areolas are pink, where mine are brown. They look SO cute rubbing up against mine, and i think they taste a little sweeter too. Katy's really cute, but she looks serious a lot and wears glasses. She takes them off when she's fucking though, otherwise she'd dent my inner thighs. As nice as my Free Lolita Pics ass is, hers is way better, and I think her teaching me to eat out her ass was the very nicest part of my education at State.The other day we had an interesting experience. Dressed only in panties, we were both loafing on our beds watching CSI, when I felt a need to Free Lolita Pics go to the bathroom. you know, to take a shit. So, I jumped up and walked over to our private bathroom. Just as I got to the door, Katy said, "Where ya goin'?" in a real sweet voice.I stopped, turned at the door, looked back at her lying on the bed, as she rocked one leg back and forth. My eyes fixated on her crotch, as they usually do. You see, my pussy has a tuft of hair at the top, not too much, and hair around my labia, just a little. But her pussy is shaved and super-smooth. No stubble or rough feel at all. Of course, I couldn't see any of that since she had on a pair of panties, white cotton ones with tiny roses on them, but I could see where the fold of the cotton between her legs would get caught in the cleft of her pussy, probably since she was getting wet and sticky, as she usually does when she gets an idea for something to do.I said, "Where do you think?" and turned back toward the bathroom, pushing down my panties as I entered the bathroom. I like to do things like that, as it leaves her with the image of my ass in her mind, and I like to tease her.I heard her voice say, "No, you don't," and a thump as she got off the bed and came over to the bathroom.I shimmied my panties down to mid-thigh and headed toward the toilet, saying, "Yes, I am-", but before I got there Katy had her arms around me, kissing me. I love the feel of her soft lips against mine, and the taste of her tongue even better, but I really had to go! Then I felt her hands on my ass, and she whispered in my ear, "Now you can go."I pulled back from her face and looked inquiringly in her eyes. She simply grinned, and said, "Follow my lead." I smiled back demurely, and relaxed my ass sphincter muscles as I would have if I were sitting on the toilet, only I was standing next to the toilet with Katy holding me in her arms. I could feel a big, greasy slimy turd oozing out of my tight hole, and I expected to feel it dripping against the back of my thighs, but felt nothing. The big piece of shit kept oozing out from between my cheeks, and I could feel it leaving a brown trail where my ass squeezed it. Then I felt Katy's hand against my rear end, and I realized she had her hands cupped under my asshole, and I got a special thrill.While the first crap log was collecting in Katy's dainty hands, my pee broke loose and I sprayed a long, noisy stream of piss against Katy's front, wetting her panties slightly, but mainly drenching her smooth, creamy white thighs. I could just imagine my yellow piss running down her legs, and got a little tickle in my pussy. After my flow of urine slowed, I felt a sharp pain of a cramp in my bowels, and an even larger turd emerged from between my nether lips. It just kept coming, and coming and coming.Katy exclaimed, "Wow, this one's really hot!" and kissed me hard on my lips, and I kissed her right back, my arms around her swan like neck. By now I was really getting into her shit play, and wiggled my ass onto her hands. "Give it all to me, lover," Katy whispered, and I gave an extra push.Three much smaller pieces of my now-aromatic shit emerged into Katy's waiting hands, and then I whispered, "I think I'm finished now." I looked in Katy's green eyes, and her eyes twinkled merrily back at me, as her hands emerged from behind me, laden with one of the biggest piles of crap I've ever seen. I felt kind of proud!"What a beautiful pile of your shit you've given me, baby," she said. "Know what's next?"I smiled coquettishly, and shook my head from side to side, slowly. "No, mommy, what are we gonna do with my poopie?" I said, and ran my fingers of one hand up and down my wet pussy."You're going to do the same thing for me, now, sweetheart," Katy said, and my heart gave a leap. While we'd played many ass games in the past year, we'd never played with shit before. I'd never even touched my own shit before, and now I'd be touching hers! I smiled and unconsciously licked my lips at the thought. Katy smiled when she saw my smile."I want to get behind you, mommy, so I can watch your poop come out, okay?" I said submissively."Sure, baby, you can watch me shit, and smell my shit, and especially feel my shit," Katy said. She turned around, still holding the large pile of my shit, and said, "Pull my panties down about a foot, baby, so I can take a delicious smelly shit in your hands!" I rushed to pull them off her generous, wide hips, and delighted in looking at the rosebud of her sweet ass, which was already pulling apart like a mouth slowly opening. I got very daring then, and kissed her pink rosebud, and frenched her quickly with my tongue.Instead of sliding in as my tongue usually did, it butted into a yielding, musky mass, which I realized was her turd. I'd actually tasted her shit for one brief moment! It wasn't at all unpleasant. "Not yet, baby," I heard her say, and stood back up, my hands cupped under her smooth ass cheeks. I could see the brown head of her turd peeking out from between her delicious ass cheeks, growing bigger and bigger, as though she were giving birth.I pressed my naked tits against her warm, bare back, while she continued to hold on to my shit pile. Suddenly, I felt the mass of her shit break off and fall into my hands, followed by a burst of hot gas. Her shit felt like her body, nice and warm and moist, and I loved the sensation. I heard a hiss from in front of Katy, and I could see a distinct stream of her bright yellow urine jetting out from her delicious pink pussy. As the stream of her piss rose higher and higher, the shit came pushing out of her hot rectum into my hands, curling around and around.Soon, the pile of shit in my hand was higher than the one I had given her. Katy must have been holding her shit for a long time, planning this! Finally though, a little dribble of dark brown liquid from Katy's sweet asshole signaled that she was through, and she turned around and kissed me again. "Now, for the second part of my plan," she said.She reached around and filled up the back of her panties with my shit, mooshing it in between her ass cheeks, and up into her asshole. She gestured for me to do the same, and I eagerly filled my panties with her massive pile of shit, also squeezing it between my hot ass cheeks and between my legs. The sensation was indescribable, with her hot, creamy, smelly shit nestling in all my most private parts, and the smell of our feces filling Free Lolita Pics the air. It was heavenly!We turned and embraced each other, and Katy brought her now empty hands up to my face, her smelly, brown-streaked fingers teasing my soft, full lips. My tongue came out to lick at my shit from her graceful fingers, and I found the taste intoxicating. I suspected I might taste shit, hers and mine, again in the future. Just to be sure, I dipped one of my fingers covered with her shit, into my mouth, and the taste was very nice. We fed each other fingers to lick, and kiss, for a little while, until Katy judged our hands were reasonably clean, although they smelled like, well, shit!We made sure that our shit-filled panties were pulled up tight against our asses, then put on fresh pairs of shorts, halter tops and sandals, and went out for a walk. Katy and I are always getting lots of looks from guys on campus, but as you may have guessed, we like the appreciative looks other coeds give us better. When a girl on campus wants to come home with us, we always enjoy ourselves, and make a new friend!As we were walking along the campus quadrangle, some of the guys coming from the beer mixers or the frats would try to hit on us, and it was funny to see their faces when they'd "accidentally" brush up against one of our asses, and feel it give. One guy put his hand on my ass, didn't notice anything about the feel, and slid his hand onto my inner thigh, where some of Katy's shit, which was wetter than mine, was leaking out. He got the funniest look on his face when he felt it, and an even funnier look when he smelled it.We walked around campus for a while like that, until we got tired of the boring boys, and headed back for our dorm room. On the way, a cute brunette named Anya, that I recognized from Philosophy class intercepted us. "I know what you guys are doing," she said. "Can I play too?" We grinned at her, and I introduced her to Katy. We headed back to the room, and after we entered, locked the door behind us.Katy and I kissed, and Anya stood next to us, slipping her hands down the back of each of our shorts. "Umm, shit play! I`ll bet that`s fun," she said. We welcomed her to our room, and stripped her down right there. She didn't resist at all, and soon she was naked in front of Free Lolita Pics us. I knelt down in front of her, and she spread her legs to allow my Free Lolita Pics mouth to reach her already wet pussy. Her bush was pretty hairy at the top, around her clit, but shaved down the sides and hairless between her pussy and her anus. I began nibbling on her erect clit, which was already peeking out from its hood.As I licked Anya's cunny, Katy knelt down behind her, and, taking her round ass cheeks in her hands, separated them to dart her tongue deep inside Anya's tight, hot ass hole. "Oh, yeah, that's it, lick my hot pussy. Oh, you're so good, tickle my hard clit with your rough, rough tongue. Yeah, fuck me there, I want to feel a woman fucking my hot pussy, oh yeah! OH! OH, GOD, YES I CAN FEEL YOUR HOT TONGUE, KATY, OH, GOD IT'S UP INSIDE MY TIGHT ASS!! OH, THAT'S IT, BOTH OF YOU, YEAH, LICK MY HOLES!! OH! OH! OH! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I'M CUMMING! CUMMING! FUCK!! CUM!! With that, Anya slumped down against Katy and I as she orgasmed intensely and repeatedly.Afterwards, Katy and I introduced Anya to the pleasures of stripping another woman naked, as Anya first removed my sandals, halter top, with much kissing and sucking of my breasts and nipples, followed by my shorts and then she removed my panties from the inside out, sliding both hands inside, one in front against my pussy, the other in back, deeply immersed in Katy's shit. All the while kissing me deeply, her tongue wrestling with mine. To my surprise, Anya's left hand came up with a piece of Katy's shit from out of my ass and brought it up to her nose, then put it on her tongue, kissing me again with the piece of wet shit in her cute mouth. We shared the piece of shit, each of us chewing a portion until our brown-colored saliva mixed together in our mouths.Anya followed up by doing the same to Katy, this time tasting my shit from between Katy's firm ass cheeks, and then sharing so sweetly with Katy. We then all showered in the tight shower stall in our bathroom. I think it took all the hot water in the dorm to get the smell of shit off us, but we wanted to be clean to spend the night together, the three of us. As we were getting into my oversized bed naked, Anya's cell phone rang."Hello," she said."Studying," she said."Maybe tomorrow," she said."You, too," she said.Anya clicked off, looked at Katy and me with a grin and said, "That was my fiance, Ed. Now, let's fuck!" With that we began the first of many 3-girl orgies. I enjoyed licking each girl's asshole most of all, though I came at each of them eating my pussy.Anyway, Aunt Crabby, my question for you is:Do you think toilet paper should hang over the roll, or under? We can't decide which is better.Sincerely,Jan======================== Like the story? Let me know, `kay?Tracy
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